SBI Credit Card Limit Decreased, How To Restore It?

Yes, guys it really true, SBI Credit Card Limit Decreased for some users recently. Many users are getting credit card limit enhancement offers from SBI card and at the same time SBI card has decreased the credit limit of many users.

SBI Credit Card Limit Decrease SMS

Many SBI card users have received SMS regarding their credit limit decrease. Many users are saying they were maintaining a good credit utilization ratio of nearly 10% since then their credit limits have decreased.

It’s not a matter if you use a 10% credit limit but you need to repay on time.

SBI Card has decreased the credit limit of those users who have a low credit score or recently they have taken too many loans.

I had to the outstanding balance of 89k and my limit was 1.37lack and my limit was decreased to exactly my outstanding amount,” MHShaikh said in a forum.

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