About us

I’m Keshab from Bhubaneswar, India. I started my work life as a freelance Digital Marketer 4 years ago and that’s when I got into this game of credit card rewards that helped me to save money my spendings, particularly on my online spending.

Guys, it’s very important not to overspend just to chase reward points, KeneFi will guide you to maximize your rewards on your spending.

Since then I couldn’t exit this game! It was initially an addiction, but then I realised that it is an addiction, but I continue to play for fun. It’s also necessary to not overspend just to get reward points.

So why am I here?

Years back, I was searching online to apply for the best credit card for my usage and found no proper resources across the web for Indian Credit Cards. So as a solution, I came up with KeneFi

The site helps you spend wisely to earn maximum Reward Points/ Cashback /Air Miles and Vouchers so that you too can enjoy free flights, and hotel stays.

How KeneFi helps You?

KeneFi simply guides you to manage your credit card, How you can make proper use of your credit card and earn reward points.

At KeneFi we share unbiased credit card reviews, reward points, and tips on debit/credit cards to maximize the return on plastic spent. I usually review the widely used regular, premium & super premium credit cards, with pros/cons, unused tips and tricks.

You can join the KeneFi community where readers like you share their personal reviews & experiences on credit cards, debit cards & financial products.

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Most of the articles on KeneFi.com are written by myself while some of them are shared by the contributors who are readers, just like you.


Team KeneFi