How To File A Complaint With RBI Banking Ombudsman Against your Bank, Credit Card and NBFCs

Do you want to know how to file a complaint with RBI banking ombudsman in 2023?

Sometimes banks try to cheat customers by adding wrong fees & charges, debit charges multiple times. When we ask customer care they just try to manipulate.

In this case, we are helpless and banks know we will not go to court for these small amounts.

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But now you need not to worry, now you can file a complaint RBI Ombudsman against your bank. The RBI Ombudsman will help you to resolve your query and you will get your refund. I will share my experience with RBI Ombudsman and how you can file a complaint with RBI Ombudsman against your Bank, so read this blog post completely.

But before you file a complaint against your bank or credit card you need to follow some steps, here I will discuss them.

What is the Banking Ombudsman scheme?

According to Wikipedia Banking Ombudsman is a quasi-judicial authority created in 2006, and the authority was created pursuant to a decision made by the Government of India to enable the resolution of complaints of customers of banks relating to certain services rendered by the banks. The Banking Ombudsman Scheme was first introduced in India in 1995 and was revised in 2002. The current scheme became operative on 1 January 2006 and replaced and superseded the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2002. Presently the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 (As amended up to July 1, 2017) is in operation

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Who is RBI Ombudsman

The RBI Ombudsman, designated by the Reserve Bank of India, holds a prominent position and is entrusted with the task of resolving customer grievances and complaints regarding inadequacies in banking services. This role encompasses various types of banks, such as public sector banks, private banks, rural banks, and cooperative banks.

Read This Before Filing A Complaint

You have to follow some steps before you file a complaint with RBI Ombudsman against your credit card company, bank, and NBFCs. First, you need to file a complaint with your credit card company, bank or NBFC where you face the problem and then complain to their higher authorities like a nodal officer,s, etc.

If they don’t solve your query or you are not satisfied then you can file a complaint with RBI Ombudsman against your bank or credit card company.

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Documents Required

Now we need to know which documents are required to file a complaint with RBI Ombudsman. There is no such requirements for documents, but you need some screenshots and communication proofs with customer care. Once you have these proofs, follow the steps to file a complaint with RBI Ombudsman.

How To File A Complaint with RBI Ombudsman

Follow the steps below to file a complaint against a bank or NBFC on the RBI Banking Ombudsman portal.

STEP 1:- Visit the RBI banking Ombudsman portal or click on this link. []

RBI Ombudsman complain website

STEP 2:- On the next page, click on “File a Complaint”

File a complaint on RBI portal

STEP 3:- On the next page, enter the captcha and click on “Next”

RBI banking ombudsman portal

STEP 4:- Now, you have to enter your name and mobile number & click on “Get OTP”, Then enter OTP.

RBI Banking complaint portal

STEP 5:- Fill in your name, email id, etc and click on next

Fill your details in RBI Ombudsman portal

STEP 6:- Fill in details such as, whether have you filed a complaint with the entity, etc, and upload all proofs. SElect the transaction date, and complaint date carefully.

Fill complaint details in RBI Portal

STEP 7:- Upload additional details, If you have any additional files you can upload them here and click on REview and submit.

File complaint on RBI Portal

Once your request is submitted successfully you will receive an SMS and email along with your complaint number from The RBI Portal. Further, this complaint number will be used for reference.

RBI Ombudsman acknowledgement number

Track Complaint Status

Once you have successfully filed a complaint on the RBI Ombudsman portal, you will receive a reference number. You can check the status of your complaint on the portal using the reference number. To track the status of your complaint visit … and enter your details.

You can also call on 14448 number and ask for the status of your complaint.

You can also send an email to along with your complaint number and ask for the current status.

What’s Next?

It may take a very long time to resolve your query, you can read how my experience was.

Whenever a complaint is registered with RBI Ombudsman and if the ombudsman proceeds to resolve the complaint, they will ask the bank to submit their response in writing along with documents supporting it. After receiving the bank’s reply, the ombudsman can ask you to submit your counter reply with supporting documents. After receiving both submissions in detail, the ombudsman will make a decision whatever they deem fit.

After some days RBI will contact you and share case details and close the case.

My Experience with the RBI Ombudsman

Yes, I had filed a complaint with RBI Ombudsman portal against SBI Card because SBI card had debited cashback from my cashback credit card without clarification.

First I had raised issue with SBI Card customer care but they denied, then raised issue with SBI card nodal opfficer they also denied me and tried to manipulate me with some wrong information.

Finally, after some days, I filed a complaint with the RBI banking Ombudsman against SBI card. After 7-8 days SBI card submitted their reply on this case (they tried to manipulate with same terms & conditions) and RBI Vombudsman asked me to submit counter reply.

After 20-30 days I received a call from RBI local branch regarding this case and they told me that SBI card will add that wrongly debited cashback on the next statement. And they will close that complaint, They sent me an email with all details.

On my next statement, SBI card had added my cashback, my experience with the RBI Ombudsman was very good.


  1. Why you should file complaint on The RBI Ombudsman portal

    The RBI Ombudsman portal is very easy to navigate and file a complaint and they are very helpful. If your Bank, NBFC or CRedit card is trying to cheat you charging you extra fee then you can file a complaint on this portal and you will get solution.

  2. How much time does RBI Ombudsman take to solve a complaint?

    Generally, it will take 30-90 days to solve a case on the RBI Ombudsman portal, first you will file a complaint, then the opposite party will reply and you will counter, it may some time to solve your complaint. In my case, it took nearly 40 days to resolve my complaint and I was satisfied.


My complaint with RBI Ombudsman was solved and it was on my favor, SBI card had credited my cashback. If you file a complaint against your bank, credit card, or NBFC with RBI Ombudsman, they will definitely help you. But remember while you file a complaint you should add sufficient supporting documents.

In this blog post, I have tried my best to share how to file a complaint on the RBI Ombudsman portal and how my experience was.

If your bank, NBFC, and credit card is trying to cheat you, give you wrong information, or charge you extra fees then you should file a complaint with the RBI ombudsman and they will definitely help you.

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Have you ever filed a complaint on the RBI Ombudsman portal, how was your experience? share in the comment section.

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