PostPe Flex Card Review (Unlimited Cashback), December 2022

Today, in this blog post I will share PostPe Flex card review, rewards and how it works. To know more about the PostPe Flex card read this article thoroughly.

Earlier, PostPe was working on Prepaid Payment Instrument model. Because of RBI’s new guidelines, BNPL card providers have to change their business model. They have to block all BNPL cards on or before 1 December 2022.

Earlier, PostPe was issuing prepaid cards to customers and link to a loan account. PostPe creates this loan account on the customer’s behalf. After RBI’s new norm PostPe is not allowed to load customers’ prepaid cards from the loan accounts. Now PostPe has a genius & dumb idea to bypass this RBI guideline and they have introduced PostPe Flex card.

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What is PostPe Flex Card?

PostPe Flex card is a prepaid card and not a credit card. You have to first load the amount to this card then you can spend using this card online 7 offline. PostPe Flex card is powered by PostPe and SBM bank India.

How To Load Flex Card?

PostPe Flex card is prepaid so you have to load the amount first to use. You can load amount to flex card directly from your bank account. Postpe will transfer the same amount to your bank from your PostPe loan limit. You can maximum load your POstPe limit amount.

Suppose you load Rs.1000 to your PostPe flex prepaid card, instantly PostPe will transfer Rs.1000 to your bank account from your PostPe limit.

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How To Apply

Currently, PostPe flex is available to existing PostPe users. You will see a pop-up notification when you open your PostPe app that “Your PostPe card has been updated to Postpe flex, now earn 1% cashback on spending”. If you are not a PostPe user then you can signup for Postpe and if you get PostPe limit then you will get your PostPe flex card instantly. You can read more about flex card on Postpe website.

  • Download PostPe app
  • Fill in details such as name, Email
  • Complete KYC
  • PostPe limit approved for you
  • PostPe flex card is unlocked

Eligibility criteria

  • Age: 18 to 65
  • Income: NA
  • Occupation: Self-employed & salaried

There is no eligibility criteria is required to get a PostPe flex card if you have a good credit score.

Unlimited Cashback

You will get unlimited 1% cashback using your PostPe flex prepaid card except for fuel, wallet load and rent payments. There is no capping limit on cashback earnings. So you can earn unlimited cashback with a flex card.

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Lifetime Free Card

PostPe flex card has no joining fee and no annual fee. So you don’t need to worry about these charges. PostPe flex card is a lifetime free prepaid card.

Is Flex (PostPe) a credit card?

No, PostPe flex is a prepaid card just like the previous postpe card. Earlier postpe was loading loan amounts automatically to prepaid card. But now you have to load loan amount to flex card manually.

How much Cashback can I earn with PostPe flex card

You will earn 1% cashback on your online & offline spending using flex card wallet, fuel & rent payments. There is no limit on cashback earnings, so you can earn unlimited cashback with Postpe flex prepaid card.

My Opinion

In my opinion, PostPe is using loopholes to bypass RBI rules. They load the prepaid card from loan account indirectly. I think RBI may block this method also, So PostPe flex may not work on the long run according to me.


PostPe flex is a prepaid card and it’s not a credit card. There is no benefits of PostPe flex card card to improve credit score as it will report as a loan account.

If you are a beginner and don’t have any cashback cards then you can go for this PostPe flex prepaid card, which will give you unlimited 1% cashback on your spending except wallet load, fuel and rent payments.

Thank you guys for reading this blog post completely. In this blog post I have tried my best to share PostPe flex card reviews, rewards and more. I hope this was helpful for you to know about the recently launched postpe flex card. Kindly share this article with others on your social media.

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  1. It’s a prepaid card and not a credit card. Postpe flex card is a prepaid card and you can’t use it as a credit card.

    Postpe is trying to bypass RBI norms to facilitate postpe flex card.


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