Axis Bank Credit Card Loopholes, Unlimited Welcome Bonus, Fixed now?

Hey guys, have you ever used any Axis Bank credit card loopholes? Can you imagine some users making money from credit card loopholes?

I have seen many users have used credit card loopholes to earn unlimited reward points. Using the same loopholes some people are treating their credit cards as an income source. Banks have bugs and loopholes if you know you know these before it is fixed then you can earn money from it.

These Axis Bank credit card loopholes have been reported to Bank and they will be fixed very soon. These Axis Bank credit card loopholes were revealed by Sumanta Mandal on Twitter.

Earlier I have seen many Twitter users selling these Axis Bank Credit Card loopholes for 10 to 15 thousand rupees.

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Axis Bank Credit Card Loopholes

Below I am sharing these Axis Bank credit card loopholes, some of them are fixed now.

Axis Reserve Card: When activating the Axis Reserve credit card, you are eligible for a welcome benefit of 50,000 bonus EDGE points. However, it has come to light that Axis Bank has been inadvertently crediting 50,000 bonus EDGE points each time a card replacement is requested. This means by blocking and replacing your Reserve card, you can activate it again and again to receive an additional 50,000 bonus EDGE points. It is worth noting that Axis Bank has reversed a significant number of EDGE points from accounts that took advantage of this loophole, although it appears that the loophole is still operational.

Axis Magnus Card: Similar to the Reserve credit card loophole, the Axis Magnus card presents an opportunity to obtain a 10,000 TataCLiQ gift voucher with each card replacement.

Axis Atlas Card: By exploiting the card replacement loophole, cardholders of the Axis Atlas card can receive an extra 5,000 bonus EDGE Miles every time they replace their credit card.

EDGE Reward System: Axis Bank classifies its credit cards into various categories, including HNI Cards, Affluent Cards, and others. HNI cards offer the highest transfer rate at 5:4, meaning that for every 5 EDGE points, you can transfer 4 points to a partner program. Affluent cards have a transfer rate of 10:1, and other cards typically have a rate of 20:1. However, if you possess an HNI card such as Magnus or Reserve, you can transfer all your EDGE points, regardless of the card used to accumulate them, at the more favorable rate of 5:4. This enables you to transfer points at the Magnus or Reserve rate, regardless of the card used for earning them.

Axis Bank Samsung Infinite Credit Card: Many individuals are applying for the Axis Samsung Infinite Credit Card in order to receive a bonus of 30,000 EDGE points by paying Rs. 5,000 + GST. If you already have an Axis Magnus or Reserve card, you can transfer these 30,000 EDGE points at the rate of 5 EDGE miles = 4 Airmiles/hotel points (HNI Card rate). Axis Bank is currently facing challenges in categorizing its EDGE points, as customers have only one EDGE points account. Consequently, addressing this issue proves to be quite complex. Additionally, if someone possesses one HNI card, they can also enjoy the 5:4 transfer rate for Axis MyZone and IOCL cards’ EDGE points.

Axis Multibrand Voucher: The Axis Multibrand Voucher is exclusively available to Axis Privilege Cardholders. It allows for a redemption rate of 1 EDGE point = Rs. 0.40, which is twice the value compared to normal point redemption. However, if you possess an Axis Magnus card, you can redeem your EDGE points for a multi-brand voucher. Alternatively, if you have any other card in addition to an Axis Privilege Card, you can redeem all your EDGE points for the Multi-brand Voucher.

These are some of the active loopholes within Axis Bank’s credit card system, shared by Sumanta Mandal on Twitter. Please be aware that the bank may reverse all reward points acquired through unfair means in the future.

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What Will Happen?

Right now we can’t say accurately what will happen with those who have used these Axis Bank credit card loopholes to make money extensively. Axis Bank may block your credit card, most probably Axis Bank will remove reward points and if your card does not have sufficient reward points then the bank may debit the same amount of cash as SBI Card had done it before.

If you have used Ttacliq vouchers, and reward points and have closed that credit card then you are on the profit side then Axis Bank has no option to recover the amount from you.

Selling Credit Card Loopholes?

I have seen many users on Twitter selling these Axis Bank credit card loopholes, it’s totally illegal to sell this stuff, it’s not a good idea to sell credit card loopholes and make money from it. And you should not sell;l these credit card loopholes to make money unless you may face legal issues.


Many users were using these Axis Bank credit card loopholes to make money, free reward points, and shopping vouchers. Many users used these loopholes and got welcome bonuses multiple times by just replacing their credit cards repeatedly. If you have also used these loopholes, Axis Bank may recover the same amount from your card, remove reward points, or block your credit card. If you have used these loopholes and closed your credit card then you may be on the safe side. If you have also closed your credit card Axis Bank will not be able to charge you.

Have you ever used these Axis Bank credit card loopholes? Share in the comment section below.

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